A discussion with key industry experts

Geberit teamed up with Hotel Designs to open up the conversation around the changing shape of bathroom design. The discussion with took place as part of a roundtable with key players in the industry touching on the questions, concerns and the demands designers are faced with when configuring a concept for what tends to be, the smallest space in the hotel suite.

Watch the interviews with our experts below to discover their take on the future of hotel bathrooms and how design can influence the overall guest experience.

Hamish Kilburn Editor, Hotel Designs

Jane Landino Creative and Design Head of Studio, Taylor Howes

Kari Carter Senior Interior Designer, Scott Brownrigg

Lee Thompson Specification Sales Manager, Geberit

Raj Sonatra CEO, KCA International

Maria Cheung Head of Interior Design, Squire & Partners

Lottie Suckling Senior Interior Designer, Taylor Howes