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5 Reasons to go Wall-Hung

Architects and Designers are ever increasingly opting for wall-hung toilet and wall-hung furniture solutions when it comes to workplace, hotel and even residential washroom design. We outline five reasons why you should go wall-hung in your next project.


Attached to the wall - resulting in zero contact with the floor, wall-hung bathroom ceramics and wall-hung furniture have concealed cisterns and installation frames hidden behind the wall resulting in a reduced outward projection. Streamlining the aesthetic of the bathroom as well as delivering acoustic benefits – by opting for a wall-hung toilet or wall-hung furniture you will eliminate the clutter of conventional toilets which take up floor area and create the illusion of a more spacious bathroom.


Unlike close-coupled and back-to-wall toilet options, wall-hung solutions expose a greater cleanable surface area as there is no pedestal, cistern or exposed pipework leaving little space for germs or dust to accumulate. This make wall-hung toilets the ideal choice for hotel lobby washrooms and workplaces.


Geberit wall-hung toilet and furniture options are built to last. Contrary to popular belief, wall-hung solutions can withstand a weight of up to 400kg - which is the equivalent of a full grown polar bear. Once installed, Geberit wall-hung solutions have been cleverly designed for maintenance as the cistern can be easily accessed by simply removing the flush plate, ensuring hassle-free specification.


If you are looking to create a sleek and sophisticated design, specifying a wall-hung toilet or furniture will provide a modern yet functional washroom solution. Wall-hung toilets come in a comprehensive range of styles from rounded to square – with options for every project type and budget.


Opting for wall-hung toilet solution is a sure-fired way to reduced sanitary sound in any washroom. Raising the toilet off the ground stops noise travelling directly from the toilet pan to the floor.

Discover our full range of wall-hung solutions in the Geberit Bathroom Collection Brochure.

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