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Geberit UK

Drinking water hygiene with Geberit

Protecting lives

An underestimated source of danger

  • Legionella bacteria in drinking water under the microscope

Legionella bacteria live in water and can cause legionnaires' disease. According to studies conducted in Germany, the number of deaths for which they are responsible equates to those caused by road accidents. Infection happens through the inhalation of droplets in the shower, for example. Pseudomonas and other germs also create sources of danger.

Where do the germs come from?

  • Showers as a potential infection route for legionella
  • Drinking water is never completely germ-free
  • The concentration of germs it contains is usually harmless
  • Danger arises when the germs start multiplying –
    • in stagnant water and
    • at temperatures between 25 °C and 50 °C

Reliable drinking water installation

Hygiene problems can be reliably avoided through:

  • Correct planning, design and commissioning
  • Correct operation
  • Preventing stagnation
  • Avoiding unfavourable temperatures

What the professionals need to know

Drinking water hygiene: essential for professionals to know
Extinguishing water pipe

Extinguishing water pipe

No chance of backflow

The water in extinguishing water pipes stagnates over the years. Therefore, a technical measure is required to prevent backflow into the drinking water system.

Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel fitting with protective cap


Well-protected system components

Pipes and fittings from Geberit are protected against dirt by their packaging.

Graphic – growth of legionella

Storage water heater

Too hot for germs

The graphic shows the growth of legionella as a function of water temperature. The storage water heater must be set so that water is heated up to at least 60 °C. Germ growth is at its peak at temperatures between 25 °C and 50 °C.

Geberit Hygiene filter in case

Clean start

Simple and reliable

A Geberit hygiene filter prevents pipes from being contaminated with unhygienic water during their initial filling – for example, during a pressure test with water.

Components and sanitary appliances

Only with approval

Only approved components and sanitary appliances may be connected to drinking water installations. In addition, they must be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Graphic – growth of legionella

Thermal insulation

Avoid lukewarm

The graphic shows the growth of legionella as a function of water temperature. With good thermal insulation, the cold water stays really cold and the hot water really hot, meaning that no bacteria can multiply.

Contaminated drinking water

Everything flows

No unused pipes

Water stagnates in pipe sections that are not used or used rarely. Legionella can multiply and contaminate the rest of the system. Therefore, we recommend Geberit circular pipes.

Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel fittings


Precisely the right size

Pipe diameters that are dimensioned for the actual consumption rather than being too big enable optimal water replacement.

Geberit Mapress Protective Caps

  • Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel
  • Geberit pipes and fittings are protected with caps
  • The protective caps prevent contamination during storage and transport
  • Do not remove the protective caps until immediately before installation
  • Replace the protective caps during interruptions in installation