No more chilly trips to the toilet

There’s no need to endure a chilly walk to the toilet or an ice-cold WC seat

Having to leave your nice warm bed in the early hours of the morning is already punishment enough. If you then have to add insult to injury by sitting on a cold toilet seat, your cosy start to the day is no more than a distant memory. Bathroom rugs, heated towel rails and underfloor heating can go some way to making the room feel warm and cosy, but the toilet itself sadly remains a cold throne. But it doesn’t have to be like this any longer – heatable toilet seats provide the answer. What has long been common courtesy in Japan can become reality in your own bathroom. Imagine the following situation. Your alarm goes off. You leave your bed half-asleep and proceed towards the bathroom. Once there, the heated seat switches on automatically thanks to the proximity sensor. All that’s left to do is go to the toilet and enjoy the comforting warmth.

By the way, as well as making the experience more comfortable, the heatable WC seat also provides health benefits. Warmth generally promotes circulation, which in turn stimulates the bladder and bowels, helping to ease the whole process of going to the toilet.

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