How clean would you like to be?

How should we be cleaning ourselves after a visit to the toilet?

Going to the toilet regularly is just part and parcel of being human. It is particularly important to feel as comfortable and hygienic as possible. Everyone wants to feel fresh and clean after every trip to the toilet, which is why wet or dry toilet paper is used in most households. However, does using toilet paper actually achieve true cleanliness? The science community says no, along with a significant proportion of the population. A well-known American rapper made the following comparison: “Take a bit of chocolate, rub it on a wooden floor, then try to wipe it away using a dry towel. You just end up spreading it into all the gaps.” It makes sense, even if it is slightly disgusting when you think through the analogy. So how healthy and hygienic is it to use wet toilet paper?

Often touted as a hygienic product in advertisements, wet toilet paper is not healthy at all – far from it, in fact. Some of the ingredients used in the paper can cause skin irritation or even trigger an allergic reaction. So how should we be cleaning ourselves after a visit to the toilet? It’s quite simple, really – use water. WCs with integrated spray functionality provide the perfect solution! Shower toilets that clean the intimate area at the touch of a button are good for your skin and guarantee a fresh-out-of-the-shower feeling after every trip to the toilet.

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