A penthouse atmosphere in the bathroom

Bathroom installations on the top floor have to find ways of getting around sloping roofs.

If you have a roof space, at some point you’ll probably ask yourself whether you should create something out of it or just leave it as is. For many people, expanding into their attic floor is a dream that they’ve harboured for years.

A bathroom on the attic floor
A bathroom sketch specifying ideal height measurements for an attic floor

Not what it appears

If you do dare to make your dream into a reality, you can take the space in your home to new heights. The idea of using the extra space you’ve created as a wet room, at least in part, can be highly appealing. And it really is possible to create a bathroom space within a gable – but remember that appearances can be deceiving. A design might look generously proportioned on a floor plan, but in reality it will shrink to something more average when faced with a sloping roof, as this will drastically reduce the amount of space that is actually usable.

Planning is key

Maintaining a good overview of the space is the key to getting the most out of it. Ask yourself whether you really need a WC, washbasin area, shower and bath. Will a single or double washbasin area do the job? Do you need a shower or free-standing bath? The list goes on. Once you’ve defined your needs and decided what you want within your budget, the next step is to create the best design for the space. Some criteria are non-negotiable: the shower and the mirror cabinet above the washbasin will be the highest items in the room, while the WC will be the lowest – this can fit comfortably under the sloping roof if the height of the low wall allows it. It’s also important to think about the amount of space that not only individual products, but also users require – to make sure that nobody ends up hitting their head.

Creating spaciousness

With a careful approach, you can find the perfect position for all the elements of your dream bathroom. But there’s more to it than that, of course. Once you’ve created the layout, the next step is to add a few touches that will establish that penthouse atmosphere you’re looking for. A tile pattern that continues throughout the room right into the floor-even shower is a clever way to help achieve this. And because natural light can be scarce in roof spaces, light colours are recommended. It’s also good to keep in mind that roof bathroom designs will inevitably encounter niches (they’re part of the charm in this kind of space, after all). The best way to use these doesn’t have to be something totally practical – positioned correctly, a beautiful decorative object can add to that feeling of spaciousness you’re looking for.

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