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Geberit UK

Geberit Mapress Connects

The 1,000,000,000 Geberit Mapress fitting was produced this year and was gold plated.

To celebrate this milestone we have a competition for you to enter, for the chance to win some gold goodies!

Proven a billion times over

2018 is the year of the Geberit Mapress fitting. Why? Because this is the year the billionth pressfitting leaves the assembly line at the production facility in Langenfeld, Germany. 1,000,000,00 - a huge number that is a testament to the reliability and durability of the system.

Enter for the chance to win

To celebrate the billionth Geberit Mapress fitting we are giving away some golden prizes!

All you have to do is answer one simple question for your chance to win. First prize will be a gold Apple iPad Air 2 16gb followed by second prize a black and gold Fitbit Alta Fitness Wrist band and 3rd prize gold Happy Box Hamper.

Enter Here

  • Geberit Mapress – stable connection quickly pressed

Decades of success

The Geberit Mapress supply system

The Geberit Mapress supply system is available in 4 kinds of materials ,stainless steel, copper, carbon steel and CuNiFe (an alloy of copper, iron and nickel).

With over 70 different fittings and 3000 product codes in each case, the system is suitable for applications in drinking water supply, heating, gas and sprinklers as well as industry and shipbuilding.

Geberit Mapress Supply System