Inspiring customersWith unparalleled Geberit service

If you are planning on installing a shower toilet, you want a product that works in perfect harmony with all other elements. This is precisely where Geberit comes in with its comprehensive service promise: clever products that simplify installation and an experienced partner right by your side.

Trust in good qualityAn experience for everyone

Established brands provide all the reassurance customers are looking for when deciding to buy a high-quality product. As your experienced partner, Geberit offers valuable support for you and your customers at every stage of the installation process. If required, we are pleased to also consult you on your individual construction site.

The entire experience proves a hit with our valued plumbers, not to mention showroom consultants and end customers, time after time. Watch our video to learn more.

Routine approach

The perfectly coordinated sanitary components and proven processes allow installation to run without a hitch.

Simply get in touch

If you have any questions, before or after installation, all you have to do is call the Geberit technical hotline.

Always ready to help

Your sales consultant is always available to help and will even come out to your construction site if necessary.

Save time

Thanks to the intuitive operation, your customer will quickly understand the basic functions so that you can save time on training after installation.

Leave your customers in good hands

Geberit will provide your customers with competent answers to any questions they may have about their shower toilet.

Accessible technology

The technical unit is easily accessible. This makes your life easier in case of maintenance work. What’s more, the long-term spare parts availability provides you with additional security.

Home delivery

Your customers will find all the consumables they need for their shower toilet in the Geberit Web Shop.

Regular information

Training courses from Geberit are designed to offer you updates on installation, trends and technical innovations in the shower toilet world.

Installation videos for sanitary specialists

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Plumbers with Geberit AquaClean Sela
  • Introduction to the world of Geberit AquaClean
  • Discover all the shower and comfort functions
  • Learn how to assess construction situations and prepare for installation appropriately
  • Learn more about different customer types and the target market for each model
  • Take part in a workshop to experience AquaClean installation and commissioning live
  • Put your newly acquired knowledge into practice on the functional exhibit and put the models into operation
  • Pick up tips on how to quickly introduce customers to AquaClean and the best ways to look after it

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