Clever functionsfor your shower area

More hygiene and cleanliness

The shower solutions from Geberit combine outstanding appearance, function and hygiene. The surfaces of the shower trays have easy-to-clean materials. All areas where cleaning is critical have been designed so that they have no edges where dirt deposits can build up. Geberit also offers a reliable hygienic drain solution for all shower solutions: A comb insert, which catches hair and dirt, is located in the drain, protecting the trap from clogging. The integrated comb can be easily removed and makes cleaning easier.

Barrier-free bathroom design

See for yourself how good a barrier-free and age-appropriate shower area can look. Shower trays from Geberit have an anti-slip surface for good stability. The shower trays can be installed even to the floor so that the floor continues seamlessly.

Geberit offers an additional barrier-free option with the wall drain: shifting the drain from the floor to the wall means it no longer gets in the way and the shower can then be tiled evenly.