Geberit AcantoClear lines, individual details

The complete bathroom series Geberit Acanto combines a clear design with organic shapes and smart detailed solutions that meet the most diverse requirements and design wishes. The individuality of your lifestyle is matched by Acanto’s modular nature.

Geberit bathroom Acanto with washbasin, furniture, toilet and bathtub
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Geberit Acanto wall-hung WC with TurboFlush

Acanto WC with Turboflush and Sigma70 actuator plate (© Geberit)

When it comes to flushing-out performance, the Acanto WC is the Geberit’s new champion. What improvements could possibly be made to a wall-hung WC? The Geberit developers have taken the Acanto WC and optimised the flushing-out performance, the load-bearing capacity of the WC seat, and the installation.

Opening the WC lid reveals the brand-new asymmetrical inner geometry, which has been specially developed for the Acanto wall-hung WC with TurboFlush. This guides the flush water through the ceramic appliance by means of a powerful vortex.

Geberit now offers the option of the Acanto wall-hung WC complete with KeraTect. to ensure the ceramic is protected for many years to come. By creating a virtually non-porous and extremely smooth surface, the WC can be cleaned with maximum efficiency and ease.

As part of the redesign, the developers added Easy Fast Fixing technology, also known as EFF3, to the Geberit Acanto wall-hung WC. The angle gears are now mounted in a support made of steel, which is painted blue like the Geberit Duofix installation elements and clamped into the ceramic at the factory. When it comes to mounting, the WC is simply pushed onto the threaded rods of the installation frame and fixed into place as usual. so that nothing can go wrong when sliding it onto the threaded rods.



Geberit Acanto characteristics

  • Soft organic design for a timelessly beautiful bathroom
  • Individual bathroom design: diverse, and unusual combination possibilities
  • Cleverly designed storage space for optimal reach
  • Elegance thanks to the combination of high-quality materials and surfaces
  • The Acanto WC with TurboFlush impresses with powerful, full surface and precise flushing
  • WC seats are easy to detach thanks to the QuickRelease function

Colours and surfacesThe Acanto bathroom series is available in the following colours and surface finishes:

Colour: white, high-gloss coated
Colour: lava, matt coated
Colour: sand grey, matt coated
Colour: black, matt coated
Surface: mystic oak

Colours: white high-gloss coated, lava matt coated, sand grey matt coated, black matt coated
Surface: mystic oak

Glass: white
Glass: sand grey
Glass: lava
Glass: black

Glass: white, sand grey, lava and black

Geberit Acanto - your benefits

Product features

4.5 l flush

Water-saving toilet flush.

Floor clearance

Wall-hung toilets ensure easy floor cleaning.

Moisture-resistant material

Bathroom furniture with moisture-resistant, high-compressed three-layer chipboard.

QuickRelease WC seat

Easily removable WC seats for more convenient cleaning.

Drawers with soft closing

Drawers that finish closing silently and by themselves.


A practical, quiet soft-closing mechanism for the WC seat.

Rimless toilets

Rimless toilets ensure easy cleaning and greater hygiene.

Hidden floor fixing

Floor-standing WC ceramic appliances are available in a closed version.

Hidden wall fixing

Wall-hung WC ceramic appliances are available in a closed version.

Hidden overflow

Washbasins without an overflow hole can be combined with the Clou drain and overflow system.

Product catalogueAdditional details for your planning

Bathroom series Geberit Acanto

Additional information on the Geberit Acanto series, including product details and dimensions, can be found in our product catalogue.

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