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Geberit UK

A New Acoustic Drainage Solution That Doesn’t Compromise On Price

Introducing Geberit Silent-PP

Geberit has launched Silent-PP to the UK market, a proven range of push fit drainage pipes and fittings for commercial installations with enhanced performance, installation and acoustic benefits when compared to PVC products.

Made from an enhanced polypropylene composite, the Silent-PP range offers a host of benefits, including cost-saving potential when compared to PVC systems, for developments such as hotels, schools, healthcare and multi-occupancy residential where noise reduction is increasingly important.

Silent-PP is available in a range of different lengths and also lengths with double ended sockets, offering two pipes in one to help reduce offcut wastage. Sold and installed in European markets since 2009, it is a proven system which is used commonly for above ground drainage on the continent and won a prestigious IF design award in Germany when originally launched there.

Combining strong acoustic performance with fuss-free installation, the Silent-PP range overcomes many of the common challenges of PVC. For example, the enhanced polypropylene is a more robust material, which means it does not become brittle at low temperatures like PVC and reduces the need to fit twice in the event of damage by other trades.

There is no need for solvent welding, which is hazardous to health and unpleasant, and it can also be stored outside for up to two years, with no concerns over degradation if exposed to UV rays.

Overcoming inertia in drainage specification

  • Geberit Silent-PP Push fit Drainage System

Jonathan Briafield, Senior Product Manager at Geberit, said: “There remains a level of inertia amongst specifiers and installers when it comes to drainage, but with the continued development of new solutions there can often be a better solution.

“PVC accounts for around 75 per cent of soil and waste pipes and fittings sold in the UK, but it does not come without its faults. The new Silent-PP range from Geberit takes away those faults - offering better performance, easier installation and enhanced acoustics – without compromising on price.

“These benefits provide an opportunity to reduce or even remove the need for lagging in some circumstances whilst meeting acoustic requirements, which can deliver significant time and cost savings. Silent-PP is already comparable on cost with PVC systems, so any additional cost savings could even deliver overall project savings.

“This is an incredibly fantastic development in drainage and we’re excited to take installers and specifiers with us to unlock the potential. Silent-PP gives them opportunity to differentiate using a proven, cost-effective material, which can cut costs and is also kinder for the environment than PVC. It’s a win-win situation for them and for their clients.”