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Professional development should not be forgotten and at Geberit, we're here to support you in staying on top of your game with our range of approved CPD webinars. Our sessions are held every other week and will last up to a maximum of an hour. Throughout the session you'll have the opportunity to engage directly with one of our expert Specification Managers and ask questions.

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Geberit SuperTube

This CPD will cover how to overcome the challenge of increasingly large buildings which require complex drainage designs and hydraulic calculations. In this session, we’ll discuss the functions of a drainage system, minimising pipe sizing concerns to maximise architectural freedom as well as unpicking the potential drainage and hydraulic problems and how to mitigate them. The CPD will cover:

  • The implications of increasingly large buildings
  • Functions of a drainage system
  • Minimising pipe sizing to create more design freedom
  • Potential drainage problems and mitigating them
  • Ventilation systems

Book now: Wednesday 18th September

Siphonic rainwater systemsON-DEMAND RIBA & CIBSE Approved

Siphonic rainwater systems

This CPD session focuses on understanding the principles of a siphonic rainwater system in relation to design criteria and installation. The CPD will cover:

  • How siphonic drainage differs to conventional drainage
  • How siphonic drainage works
  • Elements of a siphonic system
  • Designing Siphonic drainage (BS8490)

Book now: Wednesday 21st August

Designing Drainage Without Compromise BS EN 12056ON-DEMAND RIBA & CIBSE Approved

Designing Drainage Without Compromise BS EN 12056

This CPD session enables the participant to understand the design of sanitary pipework and introduce the European Code of Practice EN 12056. The CPD will cover:

  • Why is designing drainage important
  • The history of UK drainage
  • Soil and waste system types
  • Limitations of primary vented stacks
  • Low litre flushing and the effect on UK drainage

Book now: Wednesday 24th July


bathroom hotel

From the regulations and standards that affect hotel washroom design to water saving solutions, hygiene and acoustics, in this CPD, we uncover the fundamentals to be considered when designing hotel sanitary facilities. The CPD will cover:

  • Regulations and standards for hotel washroom design ·
  • Embedding acoustic considerations into washroom projects
  • Water saving solutions available to hotels
  • The impact of COVID-19 on washroom design

Book now: Tuesday 2nd September

Water Usage and ComplianceON-DEMAND RIBA Approved CPD

Water Usage and Compliance

Geberit CPD that covers water usage and compliance with UK regulations and standards providing an overview of WRAS, BREEAM and LEED schemes as well as an understanding of water saving and usage in UK bathrooms. The CPD will cover:

  • How to comply with water efficiency levels & how they can affect your project
  • Product Certification, Testing & Environmental Assessment (including BREEAM & LEED)
  • Product choices for Water compliance

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Embedding acoustics into designON-DEMAND RIBA & CIBSE Approved

Embedding acoustics into design

This CPD session focuses on understanding how to embed acoustic solutions into the design of a project. The CPD will cover:

  • Understanding what causes noise
  • The importance of acoustics in design
  • Acoustic regulations
  • Designing with acoustics in mind
  • Acoustic data

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Creating the Ideal Washroom EnvironmentON-DEMAND RIBA Approved CPD

Creating the Ideal Washroom Environment

This Geberit CPD focuses on understanding touch-free washroom environments and water saving mechanisms. The CPD will cover:

  • Water regulations
  • Hygiene (including Infra-red and shower toilets)
  • Water Saving and BREEAM
  • Design and installation
  • The importance of acoustics

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The Impact of Equality​ Legislation on the Design​ of Sanitary FacilitiesON-DEMAND RIBA Approved CPD

The Impact of Equality​ Legislation on the Design​ of Sanitary Facilities The Impact of Equality​ Legislation on the Design​ of Sanitary Facilities

This CPD examines the importance of design when considering equality within sanitary environments, and how key equality legislation gives focus to sector specific solutions. The CPD will cover:

  • Understanding current legislation, why it exists and the consequences of not complying
  • Understanding guidance on sanitary facilities in relation to governance by Building Regulations Approved Document M, British Standard 8300-2:2018 and The Equality Act 2010
  • The ability to apply guidance on sanitary facilities and specify the correct products in line with the Building Regulations Approved Document M, BS8300-2:2018 and The Equality Act 2010
  • Understanding the different sanitary facility considerations between domestic and non-domestic buildings, and be able to apply these considerations in practice

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