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When designing a new bathroom, you want products which you can trust. With over 125 years worth of experience, brand leading Geberit products are renowned for their high quality, longevity and reliability, ensuring they will continue to fulfil their function for decades to come.

Product Information

25 years spare parts availability

Quality guaranteed

Geberit concealed cisterns are now classics in modern bathroom installation. The proverbial Geberit quality ensures that you can always count on clean and thorough flushing of your toilets. The one-piece, blow-moulded cistern from Geberit can be easily accessed at any time, simply remove the flush plate for quick and easy maintenance.

Product Confidence

Due to extensive product testing Geberit offers for all working parts within Geberit concealed cisterns and flush plates a 25 years spare part availability.

This gives new construction or renovation the safety and security of parts availability for years to come.

Thoroughly tested

In the endurance testing labs, cisterns, filling valves, shower toilets, flush plates and taps are subjected to computer-controlled lifecycle testing.
150 cisterns are simultaneously evaluated at a rate of at least 200,000 flushes per cistern.

The results of short and long-term testing serve as a guideline for production release and country-specific approvals.