Geberit Mepla Stay in shape with more flexibility

The flexible all-rounder

Geberit Mepla can be processed quickly and is inherently stable, flexible, and resistant to pressure and corrosion. It is suitable for all water qualities – a water analysis is not required. Geberit Mepla can easily be combined with Geberit Mapress or Geberit PushFit.

Geberit Mepla applications

  • Potable water
  • Heating
  • Industry

Multi-layer Pipework The Perfect All-rounder White Paper

Many good reasons for Geberit Mepla

A Geberit Mepla connection between fitting and pipe
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Nominal width (DN)Dimension d x s (mm)
1216 x 2.25
1520 x 2.5
2026 x 3.0
2532 x 3.0
3240 x 3.5
4050 x 4.5
5063 x 4.5
6575 x 4.7


Everything Supply brochure

Everything Supply brochure

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Geberit Mepla brochure - For flexibility and high performance

Geberit Mepla - For Flexibility and High Performance

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Geberit Mepla brochure - Reliable press connection

Geberit Mepla - Reliable Press Connection (Contractors)

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Geberit Mepla brochure - Easy to handle

Geberit Mepla - Easy to Handle (Installers)

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Learn more about the functions of Geberit Mepla.

Geberit Mepla

An introduction to Geberit Mepla.

Tools and Accessories

Find out about Geberit pressing tools, pressing jaws & collars, and accessories.

All technical information about Geberit Mepla can be found on the product catalogue