Geberit OptionRays of light in the bathroom

Up close and personal with yourself: a glance in the mirror is as much a part of the bathroom experience as washing your hands and brushing your teeth. All the better if illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets show the people standing in front of them and the washbasin area in exactly the right light.

Geberit Option mirror cabinet

Geberit Option Features

  • Geberit illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets provide light wherever it is needed and are available in a variety of sizes and versions
  • The universal design is the perfect fit in any style of bathroom
  • Pleasant lighting for the washbasin area that perfectly meets your needs
  • Clever storage solutions and convenient connections
  • Well-organised, made-to-measure interior with height-adjustable glass shelves

Geberit Option - Benefits

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Geberit Option Mirrors

Additional information on the Geberit Option series, including product details and dimensions, can be found in our product catalogue.

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