Geberit MonolithFunctional beauty

More flexibility in the bathroom

Do you want to create a fresh and outstanding highlight in your bathroom, but don’t want to disturb the beauty of an existing wall?

With Geberit Monolith, you do not have to compromise. After all, truly impressive design comprises of not only the aesthetic design, but also the function, the product material and the innovative technology behind it.

The Geberit Monolith opens up unexpected possibilities when it comes to bathroom design. The modules for WC or bidet can be combined with most standard sanitary ceramics and automatic taps.

So that everything truly matches

Bathroom with Geberit Monolith sanitary module, sand grey

The front covers, which are made of high-quality safety glass or stoneware finish, are available in various colours. Your Geberit Monolith sanitary module will therefore always match your style.

Monolith front cladding in black
Monolith front cladding in white
Monolith front cladding in sand grey
Monolith front cladding in lava
Monolith front cladding in stoneware concrete
Monolith front cladding in stoneware slate

Contemporary look

Geberit sanitary module Monolith Lava
Geberit Monolith side claddings in chrome and black chrome

The side cladding in black chrome can be combined with black, lava and stoneware slate. The side cladding in aluminium matches white, sand grey and stoneware concrete look.

A plus in your bathroom

Reasons to choose Geberit Monolith Plus

The Geberit Monolith Plus sanitary module for WCs is truly multi-talented. The integrated odour extraction unit, intelligent sensor technology and an especially convenient flush actuation are only three of its many virtues.

  • Sensor-controlled switch-on function via soft-touch button
  • Integrated odour extraction unit
  • Discreet LED lighting, completely adjustable
  • Quiet fan for air cleaning

Reasons to choose Geberit Monolith Plus

Geberit Monolith Plus sanitary module
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Installation generally requires no structural modifications. This is a great advantage both in new constructions and in renovations. And since the Geberit Monolith sanitary module for WC is available in two heights, there are barely any limits to the application. In a nutshell: The well thought out sanitary modules offer considerably more than can be seen at first glance.


Easy installation

Discover how easy it is to install the Geberit Monolith.

All technical information about Geberit Monolithcan be found in the Product Catalogue

Design awards

from the years 2011 and 2012

IF Produkt Design Award for Geberit Monolith
Plus X Award for Geberit as most innovative Brand
Red Dot Design Award for Geberit Monolith
Interior Innovation Award for Geberit Monolith