Geberit Mapress CuNiFe When water turns aggressive

The salt water specialist

Due to its high level of corrosion resistance, the Geberit Mapress CuNiFe copper/nickel/iron alloy has proven itself, especially for pipelines carrying salt water and in shipbuilding.

Geberit Mapress CuNiFe applications

  • Industry
  • Shipbuilding

Many good reasons for Geberit Mapress CuNiFe

Cross-section of Geberit Mapress CuNiFe system pipe and socket
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Nominal width (DN)Dimension d x s (mm)
1215.0 x 1.0
2022.0 x 1.0
2022.0 x 1.5
2528.0 x 1.5
3235.0 x 1.5
4042.0 x 1.5
5054.0 x 1.5
6576.1 x 2.0
8088.9 x 2.0
100108.0 x 2.0


Everything Supply brochure

Everything Supply brochure

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All technical information about Geberit Mapress CuNiFe can be found on the online catalogue