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Geberit UK


Easier with specification support

Standard Details

Our dedicated specification support team also offers a wide range of services to support the specification of Geberit frames and ceramics, plus Twyford ceramics. Choose from four options, each offering different levels of detail and reporting to suit individual project requirements.

  • Geberit HDPE


SpecMaster combines the quality of Geberit and Twyford’s products, service and supply, with industry know-how from RIBA Enterprises and the NBS

  • A user-friendly application designed to make specifying as simple as possible
  • Find and specif y products quickly using our advanced search and browsing features
  • Download detailed product information including product, brand, dimensional drawings, material information, colour and product line
  • Industry standard reporting and schedules compatible with NBS
  • Create room-by-room specification with individual product lists if needed
  • Free and easy to use


Geberit’s own online tool, available on our website, which lets customers build a catalogue of products, listing all of the product information needed for your project.

Online N13 Tool

Meeting all the requirements of the universal product selector code for sanitary appliances and fittings.

Reference Tables

We have also developed a reference table format which details images, dimensions and basic information, grouping together corresponding products for ease. Commonly used alongside SpecMaster.

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