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Geberit UK

The Senses - Textures and fragrances

Helping you escape the pressures of modern life

Geberit Citterio textures and fragrence

Relaxation can come from pleasing textures and well-designed ceramics that simply cry out to be touched. Tactile surfaces, extra shiny and smooth glazes, gentle lines, carefully designed curves and a complete sense of cleanliness, all of these play a part in creating a deeper sense of calm.

Unique Surfaces

The perfect bathroom is a space for soothing and pampering; a space of pleasing aesthetics, pleasant aromas and the power to calm the emotions before (or after) a stressful day.

  • Geberit Citterio washbasin

Contrasting textures

Special emphasis has been placed on the complementary design of Geberit’s bathroom furniture, and how our designers utilise modern combinations of different materials and surfaces (such as glass, metal, painted and crafted wood finishes) with inspiration and invention.

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  • Geberit Acanto bathroom furniture with washbasin

Contrasting textures

The inside of Geberit’s bathroom furniture is beautifully flexible, with the arrangements of drawers, compartments and shelves capable of creating an array of spacious, uncluttered environments. The felt lining also adds a further layer to the feeling of splendour.

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  • Geberit Sigma50 brushed chrome flush plate

Metallic materials

Geberit designers are specialists in using unique combinations of materials which complement the other textures within the bathroom while retaining its absolute functionality.

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  • Geberit AquaClean Mera heated seat

Heated seating

Geberit’s expertise is built on experience and finding those little extras that make a big difference. It’s difficult to imagine what could be more relaxing than a seat which, as you approach it, gently warms up.

  • Geberit AquaClean Mera soft close seat

Soft close lids

With a lid that closes softly after use, Geberit’s designers and engineers prove they have their own delicate touch when it comes to creating a rich, rewarding experiences.

  • Geberit AquaClean Mera odour extraction

Odour Extraction

Geberit’s unique design within the toilet removes odours at the source, directly in the toilet ceramic bowl. The air is cleaned thoroughly in an active carbon filter. A quiet fan allows the cleaned air to flow back into the room.

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Our Sensory Experiences

  • Geberit Xeno2 modern bathroom design


Managing the acoustics within the bathroom is key to creating a calming atmosphere. Geberit’s expert design specialisms (within the room and behind the scenes) ensure noise is isolated within the space.

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  • Geberit Monolith with AquaClean Sela


The right lighting is essential in creating the perfect mood, while still offering practical solutions. Careful consideration to the lighting specifications is a key factor in all Geberit bathrooms.

Gentle lighting that illuminates and radiates

  • Geberit iCon

The sensory experience

We all lead busy lives; from juggling the everyday pressures of work, friends and family commitments, to spending hours on our smart phones and computers. With so much going on it's rare to switch off and take time out for ourselves.

How the bathroom offers the perfect sanctuary space