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Geberit UK

The Senses - Sound

Helping you escape the pressures of modern life

Geberit Xeno2

Managing the acoustics within the bathroom is key to creating a relaxing sensory space – from the soothing sound of running water, evoking our innate need to be close to nature, to making sure other noises are isolated within the space.

Designs to soothe the senses and sounds

Alongside cutting out unnecessary sounds from outside the bathroom, Geberit’s clever designs behind the scenes reduce the levels of noise associated within the bathroom.

  • Geberit wall-hung

Wall-hung Designs

Wall-hung solutions not only offer a neat and tidy appearance, they also cut down on noise by reducing any vibrations, with Geberit’s frames hidden out of sight.

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  • Geberit AquaClean Mera quiet flush

Keeping it quiet with a silenced flush

Design factors including turbo flush toilets and acoustically insulated pipes mean the sound of the flush is greatly reduced, leaving the rest of the household undisturbed.

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  • Geberit Acanto bathroom mirror cabinet with USB charger

USB plug for music play

Integrated USB sockets within Geberit ranges also allow soothing music to be played, creating a sense of spa luxury in your own home.

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  • Geberit Citterio textures and fragrances

Textures and fragrances

Relaxation can be increased from being surrounded by pleasing textures and well-designed ceramics that invite you to touch them. With the combination of refreshing fragrances and a sense of calm, Geberit bathrooms offer the perfect environment.

Luxurious textures and fresh fragrances

  • Geberit Monolith Plus orientation lighting


The right lighting is essential in creating the perfect mood, while still offering practical solutions. Careful consideration to the lighting specifications is a key factor in all Geberit bathrooms.

Gentle lighting that illuminates and radiates

  • Geberit iCon sensory sexperience

The sensory experience

We all lead busy lives; from juggling the everyday pressures of work, friends and family commitments, to spending hours on our smart phones and computers. With so much going on it's rare to switch off and take time out for ourselves.

How the bathroom offers the perfect sanctuary space