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Geberit UK

The sound of silence

At Geberit, we believe that life is noisy enough. In today’s high volume, super-stimulated, gadget-overloaded world, there are times when we all want to switch off and enjoy an undisturbed night’s sleep.

So at the Geberit Building Technology and Acoustics Laboratory, we’ve been quietly getting on with finding a solution. Testing and re-testing the sound optimisation properties of our insulated pipework and sound decoupled pre-walls to minimise bathroom sounds. And in the process, making things that go flush in the night considerably quieter.

Every day, we’re busy turning the flush into an exact science. Minimising sounds and creating quieter environments in hotels, offices and residential buildings to enhance the quality of life and make the modern bathroom a more peaceful, sensory space.

  • Geberit Duofix

Geberit Duofix

Space saving & acoustically optimised

With the ingenious flush technology neatly concealed behind the wall, Geberit Duofix frames are taking de-coupled design ingenuity to the next level. But they also help to conceal something else too. Bathroom noise.

Because each frame is fitted behind a pre-wall, this cleverly de-coupled, space-optimising solution effectively isolates sound on one side of the wall, preventing noise transmission to the other side. And in turn, creating an altogether more tranquil bathroom experience.

  • Geberit Sigma70 flush plate

Flush plates

Redefining bathroom aesthetics and acoustics

Besides bringing more hush to the flush, we also offer the luxury of exceptional choice. With our soft touch flush plates and buttons, all it needs is a gentle touch to create a blissfully quiet flush actuation. While the intelligent mechanisms and elegant colour schemes of our state-of-the-art touchless options combine to infuse a room with atmosphere.

The acoustically advanced flush actuation rods feature noise-reducing rubber ends to ensure a more peaceful night’s sleep.

  • Geberit AquaClean Mera - quiet flushing

Geberit AquaClean Mera

The virtually silent flush

The innovative TurboFlush technology makes the Geberit AquaClean Mera shower toilet the perfect choice for bathroom peace and harmony. Thanks to its reassuringly powerful functionality and the asymmetrical inner geometry of the rimless ceramic pan, the flush is strong, thorough and yet virtually noiseless.

  • Soft close toilet seats

Soft-close seats

Within the Geberit Bathroom Collection, there are a vast array of soft close options, with Geberit Citterio and Geberit Xeno2 featuring soft close seat technology as standard. While the Geberit AquaClean Mera has a seat which heats automatically, adding a further level of luxury to the sensory bathroom experience.

  • Geberit Silent-db20 - Acoustically optimised pipework

Geberit Silent-db20

Acoustically optimised pipework

In any residential, hotel or office development, noisy wastewater drainage can be a disruptive nuisance. Thanks to its acoustically optimised fittings, the Geberit Silent db-20 system ensures that there is less turbulence and less noise in the pipes, while the special low resonance materials we’ve developed also serve to absorb sound. The result is serene, sound optimised environments that are altogether better for working, living or luxuriating in. Making the world a better, quieter place for everyone.