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Geberit UK

Geberit Awards 2017

What's your story?

Whats your Geberit Installation story? Have you completed a project that deserves recognition or even a colleague of yours that deserves credibility? Then enter now into Geberit Awards 2017 for the chance to win £1000, a drill set or a site radio!

To enter, just download the entry form , and email it to us .

Alternatively, send in your entry to us on Twitter @GeberitUK or on our Facebook page .

All you need to do is send in two photo's of your installation, which category you are entering, a brief description and who you are nominating.

If required you can do this over 2 tweets, just reply to your first tweet if you need more space.

Best Installer Team

  • Best Installer Team

Reliability is key in all installations and timescales are increasingly tight. How does your team overcome these challenges? What new products and techniques have you adopted to ensure the best installation for your client?

Best Supply Systems Installer

  • Best Supply Systems Installer

How have you used your know-how to ensure you install the right system for the right application? What new products and techniques have you introduced to your portfolio to continuously provide the best service for your clients?

Best Domestic Bathroom Installer

  • Best Domestic Bathroom Installer

How have you used your know-how to create great bathroom installations. What latest technology have you introduced to impress your customers and show off your skill set. Have you had to think outside of the box to solve an awkwards installation?

Best Apprentice

  • Best Apprentice

What sets you apart from the other apprentices? Are yu the one who brings in new ideas and new technologies for your business to take on? Are you a fast learner who can easily put theory into practice?

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