Geberit SelnovaClassically timeless, for every bathroom

Geberit Selnova is not yet available in the UK but will be launching soon.

With its classic lines, the Geberit Selnova bathroom series can be incorporated into any bathroom. Geberit has selected a simple and discreet design and brought the functionality to the fore. Geberit Selnova sets itself apart with its outstanding value for money and the uncompromisingly high quality that has become synonymous with Geberit.

Bathroom with Geberit Selnova toilet and washbasin and Geberit actuatorplate Sigma21
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Geberit Selnova characteristics

  • Ceramic sanitary appliances available in both a round and rectangular design
  • Bathroom series with a simple and discreet design
  • Also ideal for guest bathrooms
  • Outstanding value for money

Geberit Selnova – your Benefits

Product features

  • SoftClosing drawers
  • Compact option
  • Rimfree WCs
  • Soft-Closing mechanism (WC seat)
  • Flush 4,5l
  • Floor clearance
  • Hidden floor fastening