Geberit innovations

New possibilities For the whole bathroom

By combining expertise in the fields of sanitary technology, design and innovative functions, we are able to open up new possibilities with regard to planning, designing and installing bathrooms. Read on to find out about attractive new features and additions to the Geberit product ranges in front of and behind the wall.

Perfect form and function Geberit VariForm bathroom furniture

Geberit VariForm washbasin area

The new furniture range for Geberit VariForm lay-on washbasins makes it possible to create customised solutions for the washbasin area. The slimline, compact laminate panel, which is just 4 mm thick and features a black line around the outside, ties in with the current trend towards minimalist design. The unobtrusive external design continues on the inside. The drawers are designed without a trap cutout, enabling users to make the best possible use of the interior space. The Geberit Option illuminated mirrors or mirror cabinets will complement the VariForm items perfectly.

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A ray of light for any bathroom Geberit Option Plus mirror

Geberit Option Plus mirror

The Geberit Option Plus mirror shows the person standing in front of it and the washbasin area in exactly the right light. The mirror's lighting concept comprises two central light elements. One light strip illuminates the ceiling and the wall above the mirror. The other light strip illuminates the washbasin area itself. The indirect lighting perfectly illuminates the person in front of the mirror. If the light is too bright, it can be dimmed by the user using sensors. The mirror has antimist heating which can be activated manually in order to prevent the glass from steaming up after a hot bath or shower. The Geberit Option Plus mirror is available in the following sizes: 40 / 60 / 75 / 90 / 120 cm. The Geberit illuminated mirrors are available in three lines:

  • Option Basic has LED strip lights integrated at the side.
  • Option features a broad LED light strip on the upper edge.
  • Option Plus uses direct and indirect lighting at the top and bottom to create a special ambiance. It is also dimmable and comes with antimist heating.

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Geberit DuoFresh module

Geberit actuator plate Sigma30 with odour extraction unit and replaceable ceramic honeycomb filter

The new odour extraction unit brings comfort and fresh air into the bathroom. Unpleasant odours are removed right where they develop and are purified by an efficient ceramic honeycomb filter. What’s more, a practical orientation light makes it easy for you to find your way to the toilet at night. An insert for in-cistern sticks is also integrated. The Geberit DuoFresh module can be combined with different Geberit flush plates and can be retrofitted.

Geberit flush plates with odour extraction unit

Just the way you like it Geberit flush plates Sigma21 and Sigma50

Actuator plates Sigma50 and Sigma21

The trend towards customisation means that customer demands are growing. When it comes to selecting the right design options, it is often a case of ensuring that individual nuances are perfectly coordinated. Flush plates in new, fashionable metal colours and surfaces are the perfect match for virtually any decor style. The new metal colours include black chrome, red gold and brass; the new surface variants are walnut and concrete look.

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A new look for our bestsellers Geberit flush plates Sigma20 and Sigma30

Actuator plates Sigma20 and Sigma30 tone in tone

The Geberit actuator plates Sigma20 – with round buttons for large and small flush volumes – and Sigma30 – with square flush actuation buttons – are now available in new designs. In addition to the chrome-plated versions, the design rings and stripes are now also available tone in tone with the plate and the buttons in white and white matt coated as well as black and black matt. The matt versions feature an easy-to-clean coating.

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Geberit energy retaining valve ERV

The thermal image shows that the Geberit energy retaining valve ERV minimises energy losses

Save energy by closing the open discharge stack without losing the air-admittance and ventilation function via the roof.

Geberit energy retaining valve ERV

Geberit SuperTube

Visualization of space saved with Geberit SuperTube

Optimised hydraulics in high-rise buildings to provide more residential and floor space. A parallel ventilation pipe installation is no longer required.

Geberit SuperTube

Cover for wall drain for showers

Geberit wall drain for showers with new surface made of polished stainless steel

The new ready-to-fit set for the wall drain for showers has a surface made of polished stainless steel and a new design. Thanks to its slightly rounded corners, the cover blends harmoniously into bathrooms with organic shapes. Because of its polished finish, the high-quality material goes nicely with chrome-plated taps. The cover is very easy to detach for cleaning purposes.

Floor-even shower solutions

Service-free Geberit pressing jaws for the entire assortment

Pressing jaw for Geberit Mepla

The service-free pressing jaws for compatibilities [1] and [2] will be available as of April 2018 for Geberit Mepla and Geberit Volex and as of July 2018 for Geberit Mapress.
The new Geberit pressing jaws do not require any service throughout their entire service life. This means that they are always ready for the next project, and there are no additional servicecosts.

Tools and accessories for supply systems

Easy to install with Geberit HDPE ring seal sockets

Geberit PE ring seal socket with lip seal

Now with lip seal to enable pipelines to be inserted with less force. The ring seal socket has also been extended to enable it to be used with electrofusion couplings without any additional effort.

Geberit T-elbow tap connector 90°

The Geberit elbow tap connector 90° set is supplied together with the acoustic insulation, the insulation shells, the sealing collar and the fastening screws

The new Geberit T-elbow tap connectors 90° meet the specified standards for sealing interiors (5 mm overhang) and are pressure loss-optimised for the installation of circular and series-connected pipes.
Their geometry is designed in such a way that pipe sections can easily be pressed even in a small space.
The premounted insulation shells and preinserted screws help to save time when installing the Geberit T-elbow tap connectors 90°. The set includes the acoustic insulation, the insulation shells, the sealing collar and the fastening screws.

Geberit Silent-db20 connection ring seal socket, reduced, with lip seal

Geberit Silent-db20 connection ring seal socket, reduced, with lip seal

Now with lip seal to enable additional pipelines to be inserted with less force. The Geberit Silent-db20 ring seal socket can be used with electrofusion couplings without additional effort. The ring seal socket is available in the dimension DN 56/50.

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