Geberit HS10, HS30 and HS50 hygiene flush units

The Geberit hygiene flush unit has been installed and set with the Geberit Control app (© Geberit)

The Geberit hygiene flush unit offers outstanding performance when it comes to hygienic water replacement of cold and hot water. Its compact design makes it easy to install in small spaces in prewall systems, plant rooms, on riser pipes as an exposed solution or at the end of riser pipes.

All benefits at a glance

Geberit HS30 hygiene flush unit installed on the riser pipe
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Different versions for different needs

Geberit HS10 hygiene flush unit

The Geberit HS10 hygiene flush unit (© Geberit)

Control unit: none

Operation: with building automation system
Sensors: for temperature and volumetric flow rate with 4-20 mA current input card
Connection to building automation: with 24 V (open/closed)
Hygiene flush programmes: customised by building automation system