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Geberit UK

Geberit Xeno2

Superior elegance and perfection.

Geberit Xeno2

The Geberit Xeno2 bathroom series is synonymous with design minimalism. Clear geometric outer lines are complemented by soft, natural shapes in the inner basin. This combination creates the impression of an inner basin that has been shaped over decades by flowing water. Geberit Xeno2 boasts a perfectly coordinated product range of intelligent, well thought-through elements created in a consistent design language.

  • Geberit Xeno2 washbasins


Minimalist and superior in design, convenient and versatile in function

As an expression of the natural clear lines, Geberit Xeno2 washbasins have a slightly raised tap hole bench with a narrow platform to the edge of the basin. The absence of overflow holes means that the aesthetics of the inner basin’s flowing forms are not disrupted. The clear design statement offers advantages when it comes to hygiene and ease of cleaning too.

  • Geberit Xeno2 bathroom furniture

Bathroom Furniture

An elegant line with clever details

The elegant Geberit Xeno2 bathroom furniture follows the geometry of the ceramic, creating a minimalistic bathroom ambience. Sophisticated furniture fronts lend the series a naturally lightweight appearance. The handle-free washbasin cabinets underline the minimalist design with a functional push-to-open mechanism that ensures ease of use. The furniture provides generous storage space, with practical features such as antislip mats and clever arrangement systems for bathroom accessories. Integrated LED lighting ensures a perfect view inside the upper drawers.

  • Geberit Xeno2 illuminated mirrors

Illuminated Mirrors

Create ambience with atmospheric, indirect light

Matching illuminated mirrors with LEDs follow the strict geometry of the Geberit Xeno2 series. Available for all Xeno2 washbasins in widths from 40 to 120cm, they allow the washbasin to take centre stage with atmospheric, indirect light. When applying make-up or shaving, direct lighting from above can be activated via a sensor switch with a dimming function. For a clear view at all times, anti-mist heating is available for the mirror surfaces.

  • Geberit Xeno2 Rimfree toilet

Toilets & Bidets

Powerful Rimfree® design

Geberit Xeno2 toilets and bidets continue the powerful design of the washbasins. Contours with a clear edge, spacious, smooth and closed outer surfaces, and concealed fastenings characterise Geberit Xeno2 toilets and bidets, making them easier to clean. In line with this, Geberit

Rimfree® toilets are fitted with a flat, integrated seat with SoftClosing mechanism. To ensure that the ceramics from this series remain radiant and easy to care for, they are sealed with Geberit KeraTect® ceramic glaze.

  • Geberit Xeno2 washbasin with furniture

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