Drinking water hygiene with Geberit Protecting lives

An underestimated source of danger

Showers are a possible source of legionella infection

Legionella bacteria live in water and can cause legionnaires' disease. According to studies conducted in Germany, the number of deaths for which they are responsible equates to those caused by road accidents.

Infection happens through the inhalation of droplets in the shower, for example. Pseudomonas and other germs also create sources of danger.

Hot or cold and always on the move

It is true that drinking water is never completely germ-free, but normally the concentration of germs is harmless. Health risks only arise when the germs are able to multiply. Stagnant water and water temperatures between 25 °C and 50 °C can encourage bacterial growth. In practice, the risk is likely to occur in empty properties, in rooms that are only used intermittently or in cases where dead-end pipes are not in use.

Hygiene problems caused by excessive proliferation of germs can be reliably avoided through:

  • correct planning, design and commissioning
  • correct operation
  • avoidance of stagnation
  • avoidance of unfavourable temperatures between 25 °C and 50 °C

Problem areas for drinking water hygiene

Hazard sources: stagnant lukewarm water in a domestic installation.
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The solution for new and existing buildings

Geberit products for drinking water hygiene

Compact and self-contained: the Geberit sanitary flush Rapid can be installed wherever it is needed
Geberit sanitary flush Rapid – quick solution for legionella bacteria

  • Compact dimensions
  • Battery enables mains-independent operation
  • Trap easy to clean
  • Operation possible without trap, e.g. in the case of drainage into the cistern
  • Flush intervals can be set easily and intuitively
  • Easy installation, easy removal, can be reused multiple times

New Geberit sanitary flush Rapid

When you encounter serious hygiene issues resulting from stagnant drinking water, you need rapid action. With the new Geberit sanitary flush Rapid, the problem can be resolved quickly and easily. It is easy to use and provides all basic functions for regular water replacement. This compact and economical hygiene solution is battery-operated and can be put into action immediately, in exactly those areas that are at risk of stagnation. This makes it an ideal interim solution if, for example, major renovation measures cannot be implemented immediately.

Standards and laws

Guaranteeing drinking water quality in domestic installations is the subject of various ordinances and standards. At a European level, Directive 98/83/EC governs the quality of water for human consumption. Sanitary engineers, plumbers and operators are safe from a legal perspective if they observe directives like this and comply with country-specific regulations.

Directive 98/83/EC


Optimal drinking water hygiene

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