Geberit and Twyford – Everything Changes, Nothing Changes

At Geberit we are passionate about offering you and your customers affordable, inspirational bathrooms that are both beautiful and functional - regardless of budget or space available.

We are making some significant changes to our Bathroom Showroom offer. Our Twyford E100 and E200 ranges will be rebranded Geberit Selnova and Selnova Compact, as they are added to the new Geberit Select Collection. But this is not a simple re-brand, we are significantly strengthening the range with new products, on trend furniture and the addition of higher end product.

The new Select Collection embodies the very essence of Geberit - opening up a host of affordable, on-trend design and installation possibilities usually associated with a more premium bathroom offer – including our space-saving concealed cisterns, wall-hung technology, furniture and Geberit AquaClean shower toilets.

We will be offering joint branded showroom fitouts, POS, bespoke literature and branch staff training to help maximise your sales potential and inspire your customers to choose Geberit.

Download the full Contractor statement  (, 187 KB )
Download the full Installer statement  (, 185 KB )
Download the full Merchant OTC statement  (, 186 KB )
Download the full Merchant Showroom statement  (, 184 KB )


Merchant Select Brochure

Merchact Select Brochure

Introducing the new merchant select brochure, especially made for our merchants.

Download now  (, 2.4 MB )

Geberit & Twyford Merchant Price List

Our new Merchant Price List showcases trade prices for both Geberit & Twyford, including the Geberit Select collection and Twyford commercial products.

Download now  (, 5.8 MB )

The Select Collection

The Select Collection

This new select collection includes the introduction of Geberit bathroom products and innovations showcasing a wider range of on-trend, affordable designs; including Geberit Selnova, formerly known as Twyford E100.

Download now  (, 17 MB )

The Select Series Brochure

Our Select Collection including prices.

Download now  (, 6.8 MB )

Twyford Specification Manual

Twyford Specification Manual

Our trusted Specification Manual is our Installers favourite 'back pocket' tool.

Download now  (, 24 MB )

Evolution of the Bathroom

Evolution of the Bathroom

Let us take you through the evolution of the bathroom.

Download now  (, 831 KB )

New Geberit product replacement

New Geberit Product Replacement

Our product replacement booklet provides you with the new Geberit product codes to allow you to give your customers the best service.

Download now  (, 125 KB )

Everything Education Brochure

At Geberit and Twyford, we have a unique knowledge and understand of the Education sector.

Download now  (, 4.6 MB )

Everything Healthcare Brochure

We provide solutions for healthcare environments.

Download now  (, 4.6 MB )

Everything Affordable Housing

As a market leader in the affordable housing sector, our knowledge of what works in any social housing context gives us a greater understanding of your needs.

Download now  (, 1.0 MB )

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