Company Mobile Phone and iPad Policy Geberit Sales Ltd

If you have been issued with a company mobile phone/ iPad it is imperative that you read this document. You are required to immediately raise any concerns or queries that you may have, to ensure you have fully understood the rules and are therefore able to follow them as outlined below. The Company takes this policy very seriously due to the potential implications surrounding Data Protection and health and safety and will therefore not accept ignorance as an excuse.


  • The user will be responsible for its safekeeping, proper use, condition, and eventual return to the Company.
  • If a repair or replacement is required, the Company will organise this

A mobile phone and/ or iPad is provided primarily to enable the user to do their job. Where a mobile phone and/ or iPad has been issued by the company, it will remain the property of the Company at all times. As you are responsible for your Company mobile phone and/ or iPad, you must ensure that you treat it as if it were your own property and ensure that it is kept charged and switched on during work hours.


The Company recognises that users may, on occasion, have to make personal calls, use data or send personal text messages using their company device. Where it is deemed that a significant amount of private usage has occurred, the Company reserves the right to investigate the usage and potentially deduct the costs, either through deduction from pay or otherwise, or take action under the Disciplinary Procedure if necessary.

All mobile phones and iPads are the property of the company and can be accessed at any time by HR/ IT without the prior authorisation of the individual.


If it is essential for an employee to use a mobile phone to fulfil their work commitments, they have a responsibility to ensure that they use such equipment in a safe and secure manner. Use should always be kept to a minimum.


Driving whilst talking can cause you to become distracted. The Company has no expectation that you will use your mobile phone whilst driving and will support your individual judgement should you feel it is unsafe to do so.

You should always adhere to UK law on the use of mobile phones whilst driving.

The Company does not permit the following actions whilst driving:

  • Participating in Teams calls
  • Participating in calls involving multiple attendees, where you are expected to partake or be fully immersed in the conversation.
  • Sales calls or other calls where you are required to recollect facts, figures or consider intricate information or be expected to note down or recollect information from the call.
  • Any call where your focus and concentration are unduly diverted from your primary task of driving
  • Texting or handling the phone

Where you feel able to answer a call, you are advised to notify the caller that you are driving and may need to end the call if you feel its continuance is causing you a distraction.

In the event that a call must be ended early, you should notify the caller that you will call them back when it is safe to do so. The Company will support your judgement should you feel you cannot answer a call or need to end a call.

This information can also be found in the Driving Safely Policy.


Unless agreed by the Finance Director or IT Support Engineer, applications and other programmes may not be downloaded to any mobile phone and/ or iPad (exceptions being ‘TMC Mileage Track’, ‘HSBCnet’ and ‘Webexpenses’ apps). The Group IT Usage Policy should always be adhered to.

SIM Card The SIM card from Company mobiles phones and/ or iPads should not be placed into any other device. Camera The camera facility should not be used for anything other than company purposes or an emergency, e.g. company car accident where evidence may be required.

Ring tone and Wallpaper The ring tone and wallpaper on your mobile phone must be of a professional nature.

Text based services Users should not sign up to text-based information services, e.g. RAC traffic alerts, text voting and charity donations.

Company credit card details should not be saved within your mobile phone or used for Apple Pay. Additional storage and other Apple Subscriptions, such as Apple TV, will not be paid for by the Company.


Each employee has a set allowance of data for each device and you will receive a text alert once 80% of usage is used, any data increase can be requested by your line manager with a business justification. iPads must not be used for anything other than work purposes or used by anyone other than you.

The company will NOT pay for additional cloud-based storage for any employee. In exceptional circumstances, for example the Service Engineers, cloud-based storage is vital for the sharing of photographs between devices and any such exception needs to be approved by a Director.

Tethering is allowed under exceptional circumstances when Wi-Fi is not available and for a limited time only. Please remember to disconnect after use.


You are not permitted to take you Company mobile and/ or iPad abroad unless previously agreed by your Line Manager in conjunction with your Director. The IT Support Engineer must be informed of any work trips aboard so that any extra data tariffs can be applied.

When on annual leave, employees are under no obligation to answer emails or telephone calls. Therefore, lines should be diverted, or an answerphone message recorded to reflect the annual leave dates and an additional contact name and number. Please ensure you liaise with your line manager to ensure all areas are covered.


You must report the loss of your Company mobile phone and/ or iPad immediately to the IT Support Engineer or Facilities and Compliance Manager, and the police (if stolen). If the loss of your device is caused through negligence, you will be charged for the cost of its replacement. You will be notified of any charges that the Company incurs on your behalf.

Please ensure that you do not change your Apple ID. If your device is lost/ stolen, then you will need to share your Apple ID password with the IT Support Engineer, without delay, to enable the device to be remotely wiped. It is essential that the Company is able to wipe the device immediately to protect personal data in line with the GDPR.

Poor treatment of a mobile phone and/ or iPad, including wear and tear and misuse, can cause unnecessary cost for the company. These items are expensive to replace. Please ensure they are always kept in a secure place to help prevent them from being dropped or knocked. Rough handling can break the internal circuit boards.

All damages and repairs must be reported immediately to the IT Support Engineer, who will explain the repair process. Most phone repairs will require an appointment with your local O2 store, so please bear this in mind. If the damages to your mobile phone or iPad are caused through negligence, you will need to follow the company repair process and may incur the charges.


On leaving the Company’s employment for any reason you must return your mobile phone and/ or iPad to the Company on your last day of work.

When a mobile phone and/ or iPad is returned, it must be:

  • In good condition and, except for normal wear and tear, have no unrepaired damage.
  • In satisfactory working order.
  • Complete in terms of all original equipment including accessories.

The user agrees that upon termination of employment, should they not return the allocated mobile phone and/ or iPad, or should the mobile phone and/ or iPad be returned in an unsatisfactory condition, or the device is not accessible (access pin code not given) or Apple ID/ password has been changed, the reasonable cost of replacement or a proportional amount of this as decided by the Company will be deducted from any final monies owing, or the user will otherwise reimburse the Company.

Please note, mobile phone numbers are not transferable.


The Company reserves the right at any time to require the return of the mobile phone and/ or iPad, vary these conditions, or withdraw or change the mobile phone and/ or iPad.