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Geberit UK

Amanora Park Town, India, Pune

Living space is a scarce resource in densely populated regions, which is why high-rise buildings dominate the skyline in large Indian cities. Geberit SuperTube technology has been given the nod in the Indian city of Pune, where an entire high-rise township called Amanora Park Town has been developed. It is being used in one of their clusters “Amanora Gateway Towers”, making the high-rise building the first SuperTube project worldwide.

The cascading architecture is not the only thing that clearly sets it apart from the other buildings in Amanora Park Town. Upon its completion, the entrance area to the luxurious residential units in Gateway Towers – the first high-rise building worldwide to use Geberit SuperTube technology, which was launched in April 2019 – will be fitted with Swarovski crystal light fixtures and chandeliers.

“We looked for a practical and yet cost-effective solution for drainage in the building complex,” explains Rajendra Kenjalkar, Chief Operating Officer at City Corporation Limited. “When Geberit’s Technical Services team presented SuperTube to us, we knew that this technology would help us with the complex drainage.”

The drainage of the high-rise Gateway Towers was a challenge, particularly due to the conditions on site. “Because of its special architecture and the layout of the differently sized residential units, there were several vertical stacks and horizontal offsets,” explains Kapil Bairagi, Technical Services manager at Geberit India. “Thanks to SuperTube, we were able to offer City Corporation a solution that is reliable and also saves space.”

SuperTube technology is an alternative to the conventional drainage system layout in high-rise buildings. Thanks to the Sovent fitting, a ventilation pipe is no longer required and is a thing of the past. But with a horizontal offset, pressure relief line had previously still been required due to the pressure conditions in the pipe.

However, the two newly developed bends – BackFlip and BottomTurn, which are part of the SuperTube system now, have eliminated the unresolved problem in the horizontal offset. Their hydraulically optimised design ensures that the air column in a stack is maintained even when there is a change in direction of 90°. And there is also no need for a slope any more in horizontal pipelines of up to 6 m in length. This makes it possible, for example, to install ceiling suspensions extremely close to the concrete ceiling at an offset.

The optimisation of space in the pipe duct is not the drainage system’s only compelling benefit, not by a long shot. As building contractor Lomesh Patil confirms, material and installation costs were also reduced. SuperTube will be able to demonstrate its performance when the first of the five high-rise buildings is completed around six months from now.

Amanora Park Town spread over 400 acres in Hadapsar, Pune is perhaps the only integrated township of its kind in India. It is planned by some of the world's leading town planners, international architects and visionaries. Today more than 5,500 families are staying in Amanora Township.

The Amanora Gateway Towers 100 is the world’s 1st project done in association with Swarovski. With its stepped futuristic design, green terraces and sky bridges Gateway offers high-end apartments including 2 BHK to 4-bedroom penthouses with private pools in 3 towers. With the pinnacle touching a height of 150 metres, Amanora Gateway Towers 100 will be the tallest skyscrapers in and around Pune.