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Geberit UK

Grundon Waste Recycling Facility

Grundon Waste Recycling Facility is a 20,000 sq. m waste facility that servesbusinesses in Banbury and the surrounding areas of North Oxfordshire,Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire.

The new £7 million development, which works to reduce the financial andenvironmental impact of its customers waste, consists of a waste transferbuilding and a material recovery facility. Taking less than a year to construct,the site now accepts commercial and industrial waste, in addition to domesticwaste and recyclables from Cherwell District Council.

Following design consultation and fire test witness at an accredited firelaboratory in Scandinavia, Fire Shield Systems solution was selected toprovide the facilities fire protection. Fire Shield Systems utilised GeberitMapress Stainless Steel pipework to form part of the facility’s unobtrusivewater Spray Deluge system. In the event of a fire, water will flow into thepipework from an external holding tank and be discharged internally to therecycling plant storage bunkers once operated by the automatic firedetection system.


“Importantly, we have a great relationship with Geberit. We know that the Geberit team are always on hand to provide excellent service and give first-class technical support to resolve any issues we might have.”

Russell Bonnett - Technical Director

Press fitting is proving a viable optionwhen improving the safety of buildings,particularly when minimal disruption is arequirement. Mapress was therefore theideal specification for the project, since itwas delivered quickly, reliably and easily.Russell Bonnett Technical Director at FireShield Systems ltd said: “Mapress tickedall the boxes in terms of speed, ease-ofinstall,reliability and relevant Third PartyCertification – not to mention the reducedmaintenance costs of higher qualityStainless Steel, which is more resistantto corrosion.

Part of Fire Shields fire protection plan was to utilise an efficient and costeffective firefighting pipework mechanism that met and adhered to the AHJguidelines. As a result, Geberit Mapress was selected due to its state-of-theart,high-quality and economical connection technology.

In particular, the client was looking for a non-disruptive installation methodwith reduced fire risk and dependable safety features. Mapress provided theperfect solution, requiring no hot works, no cooling down period and a cleanerinstallation process. This reduced both downtime and fire risk compared totraditional soldered and welded fittings.

Importantly, a pressing jaw with jaw guide helped prevent any risk of the jointslipping or being pressed in the wrong place, offering an extra layer of security,and ensuring a reliable and durable connection throughout. Also, the systemoffers peace of mind during and post installation, with any non-pressed connections easily visible during testing.

The seamless integration of the Stainless Steel pipework within the wider FireProtection system also proved an important factor. The straightforward, simpleconnection technology means installers are required to simply cut to length,deburr, mount the fitting and press.