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Geberit UK


Based in Whitby, North Yorkshire, Parkol Marine Engineering is recognised as one ofthe leading boat, ship and trawler builders in the United Kingdom. It offers a full rangeof marine engineering services, from new builds to repairs and refurbishment, on anexpansive yard which includes building berths and a dry dock.

With any marine engineering project, time is critical. Dry dock space is a valuablecommodity and with such tight schedules, any delays can have a serious impact onprofitability – not only for the project in question, but for future projects too.

Parkol Marine Engineering turned to the Geberit Mapress press-fitting solution tosave time and guarantee quality on a wide range of applications across new build andrefurbishment projects on boats, ships and trawlers.→

Available in a range of materials includingcopper, stainless steel, CuNiFe andcarbon steel, the Geberit Mapresspressing solution offers quickerinstallation and a cleaner, neater job,with no need for hot works.

It is designed so that any connectionsnot pressed during installation canbe visibly detected during testing.The pressing indicator consists of athin plastic foil encasing the pressingshoulder, which gives a visible indicationof a pressed joint as the foil is removedduring correct installation.

With no hot works and therefore nosubsequent cooling down period,Parkol’s engineers can fit pipework easierand quicker within the tight confines of ashipyard, dry dock or the deck of the shipitself. There is also no need for lubricationand greater reliability.

Crucially, press fit systems have beenproven to take 30% less time to installthan their traditional counterpartsaccording to a BRSIA report, helpingreduce the cost of jobs by approximately27% compared with screwed steelpipework. It’s easy to see why Mapresshas become the pipe fitting solution ofchoice across all aspects of Parkol’snew build and refurbishment projects.

John Clarkson, piping supervisor forParkol Marine Engineering, said: “We firstswitched to Geberit Mapress around threeyears ago, having previously used weldedand threaded joints. From a product pointof view it offers a host of installationbenefits, but I can’t fault the service,technical support and speed of responsefrom Geberit too.

Parkol now uses Geberit Mapress in arange of materials for varying applicationsincluding CuNiFe (28mm – 108mm)chosen for its high level of corrosionresistance on seacock lines, bilges andpipework carrying seawater, togetherwith stainless steel (28mm – 42mm) fordomestic water drains and floor drains.Copper Mapress (15mm – 28mm) isalso used on domestic and fresh watersystems across Parkol projects, as wellas carbon steel (28mm – 108mm) onengine cooling, breather lines andhydraulic suction.

This all-encompassing solution deliversa host of installation benefits, alongsidethe individual strengths and capabilitiesof each material – ensuring the GeberitsMapress system is the ideal solutionfor the vast range of pipeworkrequirements across Parkol’s shipand boat building projects.

John Clarkson adds:“With Mapress there is no welding and a muchfaster installation, which can save valuable timeon a ship building project. But more than that,it is incredibly neat and we have experiencedfewer problems too.”John Clarkson, piping supervisor at Parkol MarineEngineering, said:“Geberit Mapress is quicker to install, with nowelding and less mess. It’s also reliable, with noleaks It’s the perfect solution for a wide