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Picture the scene – flickering candles glow gently, rose petals are scattered everywhere. An enticing aroma and gentle sounds fill the air. Finally you can totally relax … but wait a minute – the scene with the candles and roses was yesterday evening. It’s now just gone seven in the morning so it’s back to reality with a bump. Family members are off to work, school and nursery, all trying to squeeze into the bathroom at the same time – causing a bathroom bottleneck every day.

One minute, it’s an oasis of well-being; the next, it’s a hive of activity. The bathroom needs to meet a range of different requirements – sometimes all at the same time. If it is cleverly designed, it can do just that. It’s all a question of having a great design and using storage space. There is a real art in positioning objects in different types of bathroom furniture so that everything is in a logical place and can be reached quickly. The mirror cabinet, for example, is the ideal location for the most commonly used items such as toothbrushes, deodorant and cosmetics. Ideally, the washbasin cabinet then covers the rest of your storage space needs on its own, and can act as a veritable warehouse in which you can find a place for items varying from candles to hand towels. If you would like to have even more space, you can include a side cabinet or tall cabinet.

In short, if you have the storage space in the bathroom under control, you have nothing to fear when it comes to the everyday hustle and bustle in the family bathroom; instead, you can look forward to calm, amd relaxed moments.

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