Where is all this stuff going to go?

Where does the toothbrush go? How can I create a sense of order in the bathroom while keeping items in everyday use in easy reach? These are all important questions that our product developers have to consider. Two bloggers put this to the test and showed us their preferences for storing important utensils in the bathroom, such as care products, toothbrushes and more – and all in such a way that the space available is sufficient for the whole family while maintaining a sense of order and structure in the bathroom furniture.

Geberit Option mirror cabinets

Practical solutions are needed

In her blog Fräulein Ordnung”, expert Denise Colquhoun shows us where she would put the most important items in the bathroom. Her mantra is that everything should be stored practically, but also look great as well. In other words, all items are stored in the mirror cabinet and bathroom furniture in an aesthetically pleasing way. As a result, her family has everything at their fingertips.

Drawing attention to beauty products

For beauty blogger Steffi Hidber, things not only have to be practical but also have a positive impact. Shower gels, for example, are very useful but not decorative, meaning they are stored in the cupboard. Meanwhile, cotton wool in a container looks chic and is left on show. Decoration is thus the name of the game for Steffi.

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