Technology creates space

Elements are pared down to the essentials thanks to space-saving bathroom design

Many people wish to reject “living large”. People are taking steps to economise as well as curbing their consumption and the amount they travel. Living ideas with buzzwords such as micro living and tiny homes are currently causing a stir because they are promising lower ecological footprints than conventional homes. So while “less is more” means that you might have a smaller space, its by no means a lower quality of life.

Paring things down to their essentials has caught on in architecture, particularly in bathroom design. In this case, “less is more” means that even small bathrooms can provide supreme comfort and create a relaxed ambience thanks to space-saving solutions. The key to all this lies in the prewall technology – more and more technical components are mounted behind it so they are no longer visible. The elements left in your field of vision are a cut above the rest because of their premium elegance and how easily they can be operated – all relating back to “less is more”.

By the way, if you are wondering what micro living actually means, it’s not that easy a question to answer. In central Europe, small-scale living means a single-person household up to a maximum of 30 m². But in Japan, where you can find small sleeping pods that have a surface area of less than 6 m², this would simply be met with a weary smile.

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