No-fuss tidying up

Caroline Bamert is an expert when it comes to tidying – so she knows what it means to let things go. For many years, she has concerned herself with tidying and decluttering, offering seminars for companies and workshops for individuals. In a short film, she explains why the bathroom is the perfect room to get started and what you need to look out for in bathroom furniture in order to avoid clutter or having too much of everything right from the start.

No looking back

For Caroline Bamert, the bathroom is not a place for sentimentality. Decoration can have a positive impact, of course. However, of much greater importance is a sense of order. An emotional connection is made with a rubber duck, not with a tube of shower gel. As a result, you don’t feel very sentimental towards the items in a bathroom, and the room generally has practical storage options so that putting things away is child’s play.

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