Removable comb insert

Cleverly positioned on the rear edge of the basin, the washbasin drain is one of the highlights of Geberit ONE. The drain is not directly exposed to the water jet, which helps to prevent the build-up of water and limescale residues. The magnetic cover, which sits over the drain, can be easily removed with a single flick of the wrist. The comb insert can then be taken out and cleaned, which makes cleaning the trap a breeze and prevents drains from becoming clogged.

Geberit ONE

Comb insert for Geberit shower surface Setaplano
Geberit shower drain from the CleanLine series – comb insert which can be rinsed

Due to its lack of corners and edges and its removable comb insert, the Geberit shower surface Setaplano can be cleaned just as easily.

Geberit shower channels CleanLine not only look good but are also easy to clean. Unlike many other conventional shower channels, the open outlet surface ensures that neither dirt nor bacteria is able to accumulate. CleanLine also comes with a removable comb insert.

Floor-even showers

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