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Geberit UK

Touch it. Love it.

Geberit Setaplano

Geberit Setaplano shower surface with silky-soft solid surface material
Features of the Geberit Setaplano shower surface
Geberit Setaplano shower surface as design element in your bathorrom

Elegant appearance

Silk-matt surface

Clear lines characterise the design of the Geberit Setaplano shower surface. The silk-matt, white appearance fits into every environment.

Geberit Setaplano shower surface with comb to prevent clogging

Practical comb insert

Can be rinsed easily

There is a comb insert under the cover which prevents clogging. It can be easily removed for cleaning.

Geberit Setaplano shower surface with smooth and clean design

Easy cleaning

No edges

All critical areas have been designed to ensure they are smooth and easy to clean. This is why there are no edges where dirt can collect in the drainage area.

Geberit Setaplano shower surface installation element

Simply click into place

Secure fastening

From just four to six feet are required depending on the size of the Geberit Setaplano shower surface. These can be simply clicked into place at the designated positions in the frame and reliably interlocked using sliders.

Geberit Setaplano shower surface sealing foil for leakproof installation

Leakproof ex works

Safety included

The Geberit Setaplano shower surface is pre-fitted with sealing foil at the factory. A clever solution for the tricky corner areas ensures flexibility for every type of installation.

Geberit Setaplano shower surface with easy hight adjustment

Practical adjustment

Easily accessible

Alignment with the floor height can be carried out easily from above using a standard tool.

Geberit Setaplano solid shower surface with smooth and warm touch

High-quality solid surface material

Silky-smooth feel

The solid surface material feels pleasantly warm and silky-smooth to the touch. It is non-porous, consistently homogeneous and has exceptional non-slip properties.

Geberit Setaplano shower surface with siphon

50mm water seal depth

Fully flexible

The trap, which is easy to clean, has a 50mm water seal depth and can be turned 360 degrees once it has been inserted in the frame.

Geberit Setaplano shower surfache with drain

Maximum free space

Without backwater

The laterally placed drain ensures optimal shower comfort which is not disturbed by the drain or collecting water.

Geberit Setaplano shower surface installation frame with trap and siphon

Stable installation frame made of powder-coated steel

For professionals

The installation frame, which is suitable for building sites, has a pre-mounted bracket for the trap which ensures precise placement.

Clear added value

  • Fits into every environment: silk-matt, white surface
  • Non-porous and particularly non-slip material
  • There are no edges in the drain area where dirt can collect

Floor-even showers are all the rage

IF Product Design Award 2017