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3 things installers should consider when suggesting a new toilet to a customer

13th December 2018

Coming up with a practical, economical and attractive bathroom design that adheres to all customer requirements can be quite a challenge for installers. And with recent research by the Local Authority Building Control finding that the average size of the UK home is getting smaller, installers can expect to have their work cut out overcoming space constraints. Dan Ward, Senior Product Manager from Geberit, discusses the drivers behind an industry shift in favour of wall-hung toilets and explores the space-saving and installation opportunities presented by pre-wall frame systems.

1. Space constraints

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their ideal bathroom. Yet for customers, it can often feel like the walls are closing in when it comes to space. When clients find their plans at a dead-end, it’s important that the installer can step-in and guide their project away from a potential catch 22. In such cases, installers should introduce the client to the creative flexibility afforded by wall-hung toilets. Whether they’re looking for a solution to maximise a smaller bathroom or just seeking a trendy alternative, a wall-hung toilet can transform any space. Concealing the toilet cistern opens up the room, creating the illusion of a larger space without knocking a wall down. This gives homeowners the ability to create interesting, dynamic spaces, that are enjoyable to use and easier to clean.

2. Wall-hung toilets in budget bathrooms?

In bathroom refurbishments bound by tighter budgets, there are typically two considerations when it comes to installing wall-hung toilets; the cost of the ceramics and the cost of the installation. However, with extensive product and system development by leading manufacturers such as Geberit and Twyford, affordable wall-hung ceramics ranges are now readily available through merchants. By partnering Twyford ceramics with Geberit Duofix pre wall frame systems, installers can provide homeowners with an economical wall-hung solution. Importantly, installers can get their hands on two free cinema tickets courtesy of Geberit, when they purchase the partnership!

3. Overcoming installation issues

Difficult installations often ramp up the costs of a bathroom refurbishment for both the customer and installer. Specifically designed with installation and ease of maintenance in mind, the Geberit Duofix system makes concealing the cistern inside a drywall quick and neat by eliminating the need for additional, carefully positioned studding. The result? A strong, reliable and leak free finish, thanks to its one-piece blow moulded cistern, angle bracket fixings and snap connectors. Installing systems like this typically reduces the complex installation procedures associated with wall-hung toilets, with cleverly conceived fixings and the inclusion and position of water inlets and waste outlets. If that’s not enough, future proofing for shower toilets and sound insulation make a difficult and lengthy bathroom refurbishment more palatable for inconvenienced homeowners. The growing availability of wall-hung frame systems offers installers a very simple opportunity to come up with an innovative design that overcomes space constraints. By taking note of the latest product development from leading manufacturers such as Geberit, installers can grow their business and reputation by acting as bathroom advisors and not just a fitter.