Reduced to the maximum

Geberit Sigma10 flush plate redefined

A single, round flush button
Manual or touchless operation or dual flush, mains or battery operation – there are almost no limits to the possibilities with Geberit Sigma10 flush plates.

Insert for in-cistern blocks
The basic version of the Geberit Sigma10 flush plate can be equipped with an insert for in-cistern blocks. It is hinged and has only a single, round flush button and is therefore timelessly sleek. It is available in an easy-to-clean stainless steel version as well as in six different plastic versions.

Geberit Mambo renamed Geberit Sigma10
During the course of designing the new Sigma10 family, Geberit decided to integrate all flush plates with one, round flush button into the Sigma10 family. The touchless Geberit Mambo flush plate, which has for years been successfully used in public and semi-public areas, was also affected by this decision.

At first glance, not much has changed in this flush plate which is difficult to surpass in terms of functionality. Only in a side-by-side comparison with an old Mambo model does it become clear how much more advanced in terms of elegance and class the new Geberit Sigma10 for electronic and manual flush actuation is. Only the proven technology behind the flush plate, which is manufactured exclusively in stainless steel, remains unchanged.

Touchless flush actuation for private households
The Geberit Sigma10 family is rounded out with a new flush plate available exclusively with touchless technology which has been conceived especially for use in private homes. This model, too, is available in stainless steel and six different plastic finishes to accommodate personal tastes.

All Geberit Sigma10 touchless flush plates are equipped with water-saving dual-flush technique. Depending on the customer's wishes, the electronics in these flush plates can be powered by a mains connection or by two 1.5 V batteries.

Geberit Sigma10 for urinal flush controls as well
A stainless steel version has been added to the flush plates for manual and touchless urinal controls. With the expansion of the Sigma10 family, Geberit has created a comprehensive product range with a uniform design language and matching product materials for WC and urinal flush controls.