Breathe Easy

A sense of well-being in the bathroom starts with a breath of fresh air

Geberit installation frame with an additional function.
There are various ways of solving the problem of odours in the bathroom. Unfortunately, none of these solutions are ideal. With Geberit, you can now offer your customers a WC frame with integrated odour extraction. Geberit DuoFresh is just as easy to install as the familiar Geberit Duofix but features an innovative odour extraction function which removes irritating odours right inside the ceramic bowl. These odours are then purified using an active carbon filter integrated into the Geberit concealed cistern and released back out again from the side, next to the flush plate. This technology enables Geberit DuoFresh to function independently from room ventilation systems or the supply of outside air, offering an easy way of saving energy in the colder months of the year in particular.

The Geberit DuoFresh system is comprised of a specially adapted Geberit Duofix frame for wallhung WC, H112, with Sigma cistern and Geberit Sigma40 flush plate with fitted filter.

Retrofitting is only possible if the corresponding Geberit Duofix frame pictured has already been installed.

Geberit DuoFresh draws in the air directly from the WC ceramic, purifies it and releases it back out again. The entire system is integrated into the established Geberit solution as a convenient feature that enhances them with very little effort.

The attractive Sigma40 flush plate offers quick and easy access to the very heart of Geberit DuoFresh – an electronically controlled odour extraction unit, replaceable active carbon filter and insert for in-cistern block, all of which are hidden behind the wall. Added sutle sophistication to your wall-hung bathroom.

The energy-saving odour extraction unit is activated with the touch of a button and switches off automatically after 10 minutes. It can also be turned off manually.

See the Sigma40 range in the online product catalogue

Benefits for you

  • Extremely easy installation thanks to reliable Geberit systems
  • Geberit offers many years of expertise with odour extraction systems with our Geberit AquaClean
  • No connection between the product and room ventilation is required

Benefits for the customer

  • Effective, quiet and virtually invisible
  • Energy-efficient: produces fresh air without any loss of heat through open windows or conventional bathroom ventilation systems
  • Free choice of wall-hung ceramics
  • Maximum ease of use with just one button
  • Convenient access to the insert for in-cistern blocks and active carbon filter
  • Design possibilities of five finishes