Suitable frames for every sanitary project

Geberit Duofix for toilets

Geberit Duofix WC Good to Know Tips and Features


System rail

Simplifying installation

To attach Duofix frames quickly and easily to the solid wall Geberit have produced a solution called Geberit system rail. This is simply fixed to the floor and wall with screws and then the Duofix frame’s legs slot in and are clamped down using the brackets to provide a secure installation.


Tool free maintenance

Ease of access

The Sigma cisterns are completely tool free allowing for easy and fast access to the cistern internals for maintenance. The maintenance instructions are printed onto the front of the protection cover so you do not need to locate your manual to service the cistern.



Product article number

With every Geberit concealed cistern, you will find the product number located at the top on the inside of the cistern. The article number will be in the format 123.456.78.9 and this is what you will need to reference in any communication with us.


Low flush

Reducing the flush volume

The flush volume on the Sigma 12cm cistern can be reduced manually on the flush valve from the factory set 6 and 3l to 4.5 and 3l. Alternatively you can purchase a Duofix frame ready set at 4.5 and 3l - article number 111.357.00.5.


Leak-proof cistern

Secure water tight seal

Every Geberit cistern is factory-made in one blow moulded piece and leak tested, therefore there are no unnecessary seams on the cistern for maximum operational reliability. Each tank is pressure tested for absolute water tightness before assembly, we guarantee it.


Geberit AquaClean ready

Modern wellbeing

All Geberit Duofix frames come complete with the double conduit pipe required for connnecting the Geberit AquaClean range.


Load bearing

Beyond expectations

All Geberit Duofix frames have been tested to the maximum extent for their weight bearing capabilities. The Duofix WC frame can support up to 400kg (63stone), Duofix washbasin and bidet frames - 150kg (23 stone) and Duofix urinal frames - 100kg (15 stone).


Drainage bend

Maximum adjustability

The 90 degree drainage bend features tool-free, sound-absorbing fastening, adjustable in depth with 8 positions and an adjustable range of 45 mm. We also offer and range of drainage accessories which include a straight connector and the S-bend, an ultra-flat connecting fitting that enables a ceramic for wall-hung WC's to be connected to an existing floor drain with minimal construction modifications.


Self-impeding feet

One man job

All Geberit Duofix frames have self-impeding feet making changing the height of the frame a one man job. Simply loosen the bolts, step on the feet, pull the frame up or down to adjust the height and re-tighten the bolts to secure. The feet hold the Duofix frame at the required height while you adjust it.


Foot fastening to rear wall brackets

Alternative solutions

These brackets are available for installation using waterproofing or underfloor heating where you cannot drill down through the floor to secure the frame. These brackets are available as an accessory from the Geberit Washroom & Bathroom range.


Spare parts

Availability guaranteed

Geberit offers a 25 year spare parts supply guarantee. Our spare parts are all listed online at where easy to follow exploaded drawings guide you to the correct part required. All spare parts can be ordered directly on 0800 077 8365.

Many designs and construction heights
Geberit Duofix frames for WC provide suitable solutions for nearly any construction situation. They are available in many designs and heights.

Room-height and part-height installations
Standard installation frames for wall-hung WCs for room-height or part-height installation are available in 112 cm height for the Geberit Sigma concealed cistern 12 cm, 82 cm height for the Geberit Kappa concealed cistern 15 cm as well as in 82 and 98 cm heights for the Geberit Omega concealed cistern 12 cm.

Solutions for special construction situations and barrier-free convenience
Various special frames with variable widths or installation across corners allow optimised space utilisation even in unfavourably laid-out sanitary facilities. Special WC frames are also available for barrier-free bathrooms.

Proven Geberit cistern technology
Geberit Duofix frames for WC are equipped with Geberit concealed cistern technology that has proved itself for decades.

Geberit Duofix WC Good to Know Tips and Features

Selected examples of Geberit Duofix frames for WC:

Geberit Duofix frame H112 with Sigma 12cm cistern

  • The most design forward flush plates on the market
  • Full height frames are ideal for installation in stud walls
  • Tool free maintenance
  • 6 and 3l dual flush with the added option of a reduced 4.5 and 3l flush at the turn of a button
  • Also available in a low flush version, factory set at 4.5 and 3l dual flush. Article 111.357.00.5

Article number 111.383.00.5

Geberit DuoFresh frame H112 with Sigma 12cm cistern

  • Removes odours at source
  • Easy and familiar Duofix installation
  • Energy saving. Produces clean air without any loss of heat through open windows
  • Flexibility in sanitaryware
  • No connection to room ventilation system required

Article number 111.353.00.5

Geberit Duofix frame H114 with Sigma 8cm cistern, 2016 series

  • The best option when space is at a premium
  • Requires a depth of only 8cm
  • Perfect for small bathrooms and cloakrooms

Article number 111.799.00.1

Download technical datasheet

Geberit Duofix frame H82 with Kappa 15cm cistern

  • Ideal for areas with height restrictions
  • A frame option for the more traditional bathroom design
  • Ideal for use where sanitaryware is to be fitted below a window

Article number

Geberit Duofix frame H79, with low-height furniture cistern

  • Where storage is end game
  • For installation in bathroom furniture
  • One box. One code. One price

Article number 111.706.00.1