Versatile designer piece

Geberit Monolith for washbasins

More design flexibility
The Geberit Monolith for washbasins turns plumbers into interior designers. Because the sanitary module provides significant benefits and design flexibility. It is available in two versions: for deck-mounted taps and wall-mounted taps. Precise installation of the concealed mixer for wall-mounted taps is particularly simple.

Additional benefits for bathroom layouts
A module with drawers to the left and/or right is also available, providing storage for make-up and cosmetic items. The top of the 114 cm high module provides counter space for a toothbrush tumbler, hairbrush and other toiletries. Matching double towel rails are available as modified variants from the EMCO Loft series, which can only be purchased from Geberit.

Maintenance-friendly and elegant
The Geberit trap for washbasins is concealed out of sight under the surface of the sanitary module. Access for maintenance tasks is provided through a service opening, which is covered by a cover plate. The front panel is made of safety glass that is available in four colours; the side panels are made of aluminium.

Monolith for washbasins, sand glass

Geberit Monolith for washbasins with sand glass

Wall-mounted tap, lever right
For taps with 10 cm depth gauge

Geberit Monolith for washbasins with black glass

Wall-mounted tap, mixer left
Drawer left
For taps with holes 8 cm apart

Geberit Monolith for washbasins with umbra glass

Wall-mounted tap, mixer right
Drawer right
For taps with holes 10 cm apart

Geberit Monolith for washbasins with white glass

For deck-mounted taps
Drawer on both sides