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Geberit Duofix for bidet

Many designs and construction heights
Geberit Duofix frames for bidet provide secure solutions for wall-hung bidets in many construction situations. They are available in various heights with 82, 98 and 112 cm for part-height and room-height installations and with water supply connection for bidets with deck-mounted taps.

Selected examples of Geberit Duofix frames for bidet:

Geberit Duofix frame for bidet, H112

Construction height 112 cm

Article number 111.545.00.1

Geberit Duofix frame for bidet, H98

Construction height 98 cm

Article number 111.544.00.1

Geberit Duofix frame for bidet, H82

Construction height 82 cm

Article number 111.543.00.1