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Geberit supply systems

Lifelines for modern buildings
A modern building works like a complex organism that has to be supplied with water, heat, energy and more. Geberit delivers the products that maintain these functions reliably and consistently - since each fitting is the product of decades of experience.

Everything leakproof. Permanently
Geberit Mapress and Geberit Mepla offer a perfectly coordinated system for supply pipes with fittings, system pipes and pressing tools. The system is manufactured according to the strictest quality criteria to ensure leakproof connections. Specially developed pressing jaws, adaptors and pressing collars together with the right pressing devices make pressing operations effortless.

For every application, Geberit offers the right supply system
Geberit offers appropriate supply systems for all common applications. For more information, click on the image.

Simple 6 Stage Jointing Process

View the 6 simple stages needed to make a press, to ensure you always do a correct installation.

Drinking water: our most valuable resource
Drinking water is our most valuable resource for personal hygiene and for sustaining life itself. With this in mind, Geberit Supply systems ensure that the quality of the water in a building is maintained at the same level as when it left the mains supply network. Through Geberit know-how – the culmination of many decades of experience and continuous further developments in our in-house R&D departments –plumbers, sanitary engineers, operators and house owners can be sure they have a reliable, state-of-the-art solution at their disposal.

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Heating: fast, reliable and economical installation
Piping systems for heating applications have to fulfil at least two basic requirements: They must be reliably leakproof and easy to process. Geberit piping systems can do more, as we continually work on improvements and new solutions that plumbers can use to make installation even quicker and easier.

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Gas: maximum safety is paramount
Even if gas installations only make up a small part of the supply pipes of a building, they play an important role, as the safety requirements to be met by pipes through which the volatile and explosive energy source is transported are very high. Geberit supply systems for gas are therefore subjected to especially stringent quality controls.

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Industrial plants: tailored supply systems
Industrial piping system applications are as varied and numerous as the fields they are used in. From plant engineering to the automotive industry, from shipbuilding to pharmaceutical and food processing – the Geberit range features practical solutions for steam, process water, alkalis, acids and other media.

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Safe circuit for solar applications
The pipes and fittings used for solar applciations must be suitable for special solar media.

For special applications such as these a blue seal ring made of FKM is used instead of the black CIIR seal ring.

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