Safety first

Geberit Mapress for sprinkler systems

Safe firefighting
Sprinkler systems should control a fire immediately so that it does not have the chance to spread. On the one hand they must be heat-resistant and on the other they must have very efficient corrosion protection so that they still work perfectly in the event of a fire even after years.

Approved in compliance with the main standards and regulations
Geberit Mapress is the first pressfitting system to be LPCB approved for use in the UK. The LPCB approval applies to Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel inside outside galvanised, and covers all dimensions of piping from 22mm to 108mm. The accreditation, along with existing FM and VdS approvals, makes Geberit Mapress the natural choice for any automatic sprinkler system.

High corrosion protection
Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel pipes are protected against corrosion by inside and outside zinc-plating. Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel has very high corrosion protection due to its alloy with a high molybdenum content. In closed systems, non-alloy pipes and pipes without zinc-plating on the inside develop a protective iron oxide layer due to the reaction with the low amount of oxygen.