Geberit AquaClean 8000plus

The luxurious pampering experience

Customers with the highest requirements in their bathroom are delighted with the Geberit AquaClean. This top of the range model from the high-quality Geberit AquaClean line convinces with its lasting quality, elegant design and numerous additional comfort functions.

How it works

1. A pleasant water spray set at the desired intensity washes the user clean.

2.The shower nozzle is rinsed with clean water both before and after use.

3.The shower function can be switched on using the easy-to-operate control panel at the side.

4.Alternatively, the remote control can be used to start and adjust the shower function.

5.Once the shower function is complete the dryer will operate and will dry the user until comfortable.

Unparalleled cleanliness
The shower nozzle is automatically rinsed with fresh water before and after every shower process. The refined ceramic surface is also dirt repellent and particularly easy to maintain.

Know-how installed

  • Installation and technical openings are located in the upper ceramic unit for easy access
  • Easy installation with Duofix and Geberit Monolith via a concealed conduit pipe for water supply
  • Concealed electricity connection
  • Compatible with Geberit Monolith; Geberit AquaClean Design Panel and Geberit DuoFresh
  • Certified in accordance with European standard EN1717

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