Area Sales Managers

From cisterns to sinks, the Geberit team are here to help.

Area Name Mobile Number Email
SY, LD, HR, TF, WV, WS, DY, WR, B, CV Alison Walton-Ludford 07977 506 544 Email
SA, CF, NP, BS, BA, TA, DT, BH, EX, PL, TR, TQ Adrian Checketts 0 7712 078 364 Email
NN, MK, LU, SG, CB, IP, NR, AL, WD, EN, NW, W, N, E, IG, RM, CM, SS, CO, PE Natalie Ramalingum 07977 506 444 Email
GL, SN, OX, RG, HP, SL, UB, HA Chris Murphy 07977 507 332 Email
Sp, SO, PO, GU, KT, TW, SW, SM, SE, CR, BR, DA, ME, CT, TN, BN, RH Patrick Quinn 07969 589 275 Email
ST, DE, NG, LE, LN, S, DN, HD, WF Sarah Lorraine 07977 506 444 Email
NE, DH, SR, DL, TS, BD, HG, HX, LS, YO, HU Chris Morrison 07834 431 188 Email
LL, CH, CW, SK, WA, M, OL, L, WN, BL, BB, PR, FY, LA, CA, IM Paul Hargreaves 07977 506 650 Email
DG, TD, KA, ML, EH, PA, G, KA, KY, FK, PH, DD, AB, IV, KW, ZE, HS Eric Adam 07973 302 629 Email